Brooke Shaden: Surreal and Inspiring Photography.

Fine Art, Inspiring and Surreal Portraits by Brooke Shaden

 Photography © Brooke Shaden. Recovered from

Brooke Shaden and her artwork.

It is thanks to Brooke’s artwork that many of us have taken interest in photography as a method to illustrate concepts. She is definitely one of the most cherished authors of Fine Art Photography.

How does she earn such recognition? Well, I believe it’s enough just to take a look at her portfolio. With her square-format works, and usually using a feminine model (who many times is herself) as the main focal point, Brooke develops concepts through storytelling in just one picture.

 Photography © Brooke Shaden.

Brooke Shaden’s Creative Process.

Her creative process starts with conceptual inspiration. Then, she does the photo-shoot, after that she goes towards post-processing and editing in Photoshop and finally obtains a single image through compositing multiple pictures in one scene. It is interesting that she does her photo-shoots in such a short amount of time, taking around 15 minutes to get everything done. However, she specially works hard on editing the pictures. Having a clear idea from the beginning is her strongest asset, as she knows how to take photos in-situ and then how to edit them to make her concept shine through. All of her editing process includes compositing, adding textures and retouching colors to create her artistic world.

Other things Brooke Shaden does.

Besides being a Fine Art Photographer, Brooke Shaden is also a writer who loves to motivate people to follow their passion. She was born in the United States, and she is without a doubt an inspiration towards people who are searching their own voices with art and photography. Not every day you find a photographer who is so open with her creative process and her interest on teaching others as she is, as you can find many tutorials on her websites and social media.

Brooke Shaden has participated in the youtube channel “Framed Show: The Concept” with the Fashion Photographer Lindsay Adler. This is a good resource to those who are interested in Fashion Photography and Fine Art Photography, as both photographers show their creative processes and have to photograph and create within the given theme in a short amount of time. You can definitely learn interesting tips from both of them.


 Photography © Brooke Shaden.

Doing it with passion.

Without a doubt, the still young Brooke Shaden has earned her place in the art galleries by believing in herself and pursuing her dreams, and also by doing things on her own terms. Although she studied Filmmaking and English, she was capable of jumping out towards photography when she realized her concepts and style suited it better. However, she does recognize the importance of Story-Telling on her photographs, which is why she uses what she learned on both of her degrees.

Life spins around and one does not know where the next artist or photographer that steals our hearts is going to come from… And you? what are you waiting for to give it your all with passion?

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