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Who are we in this world?

La We are selfish. We know that we have features that define us, as well as our personality, our past, our profession and interests… but, are we only that? Who are we in this world?

A name. Am I a name that has been given to my by my parents? How many people are out there with the same name as I? Who are we in this world besides being our parent’s children? Who are we in this world, beyond what our DNA says about us? We are human. “We are all the same”, said a communist. “To show people’s individuality is the most important”, said a capitalist. But if we are all the same, why are there so many differences between us? And if we are all so different, why are we all so similar as a species? Humans are selfish, and search for glory in war. Humans search for peace, and when it is obtained, they become bored. Humans always seek to be better in their personal ambitions. What does it mean to be a ‘good’ person? Do good people exist? Do entirely bad people exist? We pollute the planet –our home– and yet it doesn’t matter as long as we are confortable…

Artwork © Naufragia. By Yuliana Guédez Forgiarini. «Pasado» means «Past».

Human beings.

I recently saw in the news that Facebook had created robots that had developed a language of their own, incomprehensible for us humans. Because of this, the creators decided to turn off the robots.

Who are we in this world? Our ability to communicate, which differentiates us from animals, could soon be emulated –if not overpowered– by our own creation: Artificial Intelligence.

We are water –blood–, earth –body–, air –mind– and fire –temperature and emotion–… but are living things are this, right?

Human beings kill and eat just for pleasure. Human beings have sex for pleasure too, which differentiates us from many animals, as they just seek reproduction. But human beings can also be kind and brave, sacrificing themselves in a heroic way. Human beings can also choose to suicide… we are complex beings indeed.

Artwork © Naufragia. By Yuliana Guédez Forgiarini. «Presente Mente» means «Present Mind».

What does it mean to be human?

Who are we in this world? A community of different, microscopically small living beings, organized into a body –a being– who observes a bigger community of living beings, called planet Earth.

Maybe we are just a paradox that accepts the multiple probabilities of its destiny. Can we even speak of destiny in such a random world?

If quantic physics tells us that there is not an existing reality if there is not an observer, maybe it is our role to be that observer. If a tree in a forest falls down but no one hears it nor sees it, did it really fall down?… ‘No’ seems to be the answer.

Artwork © Naufragia. By Yuliana Guédez Forgiarini. «Futuro» means «Future».

Maybe we are the universe observing itself from the inside… like a bacteria that observes us from the insides of our body, living within us. Without us, the tree does not fall, and the universe does not exist. As long as a small form of life exists observing the universe, then the universe will exist. What selfishness! How arrogant of us it is to pretend that reality does not exist beyond ourselves! However, here we are, observing each other.

And for you, who are we in this world? It would be interesting to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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